1. NAME

The Association shall be called The South African Masters Hockey Association (“The Association”).


The objectives of The Association shall be:

  1. to be affiliated to the Governing Body of South African Hockey.
    1. To act as controlling body for The Association
    1. To promote the interest of The Association
    1. To administer the rules of hockey as adopted and advised by the Governing body of South African Hockey
    1. To ensure that all interested umpires enter into the spirit of The Association
    1. To promote and manage projects to serve the greater interests of and to the benefit of hockey
    1. To define specific hockey projects which will be the only destination for any available funds
    1. To oversee an Annual Tournament (The Tournament) and to ensure that the Organizing Committee for the annual tournament abides by the laid down criteria.

In order to qualify as a member of The Association a person must be a duly registered member of the South African Hockey Association and/ or the local Provincial Association.

New teams and re-entry teams will be obliged to sign a 3-year conditional participation letter.


The policy of The Association shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting of the Association.  The overall control of The Association shall be carried out by the committee of The Association.

  • The Committee (The Committee) shall be no less than 5 (five) and no more than 7 (seven) and shall be elected by majority vote of the teams present and eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting of The Association.  From their members, The Committee shall elect:
  1. a President
  2. a Treasurer – Such person shall not be the President
  3. a Secretary
  4. Tournament Liaison portfolio holder
  5. International liaison portfolio holder
  6. SAHA liaison portfolio holder
  7. Additional member
  • The Committee has the power to co-opt members.

The tournament organizer for the following year’s tournament shall be co-opted onto The Committee.


The Committee’s function is to attempt to further the objective of The Association and to ensure that there is a liaison where necessary, with the Governing body of South African Hockey.

  1. The Committee shall be responsible for the overall control of The Association and for upholding of the aims and objectives of The Association.  
  2. The Committee shall not be involved in the administration or control of any individual Province’s Masters Hockey Association nor will they be responsible for the running of The Tournament.
  3. The Committee shall be responsible for reviewing the laid down criteria for the tournament.  
  4. The Committee shall determine the venue of the tournament from time to time and shall liaise with the governing body of South African Hockey in order to decide the venue at which each year’s tournament will be held as well as any other matters which may affect the smooth running of the tournament.

The Association shall hold an annual general meeting at any time during or the day preceding the tournament. The Annual General Meeting will be chaired by the then President of the Committee.   The participation of any new team in the Tournament shall be agreed to by the committee.

The business of the meeting shall be for the President and the Committee to determine and advise the representatives of matters dealt with during the preceding year and where necessary to         obtain confirmation from representatives of their agreement with decisions made.

  1. The election of The Committee office bearers for the forthcoming year shall be done by ballot or a show of hands and nominations shall be received in writing to The Association at least 2 (two) weeks before the annual general meeting.  
  2. Nominations shall be proposed and seconded by Provincial Masters Associations affiliated to the South African Masters Association.  
  3. There shall be no restriction on Provincial Masters Associations nominating office bearers who are members of other Provincial Masters Associations.  
  4. There shall be a limitation of two office bearers from each Provincial Masters Association.

The financial year end shall be the 31st December each year.


The Committee shall have the power to form such sub committees as it may deem fit and to delegate to any such sub committee all or any of the authorities which are conferred on it by this constitution.  The business of such a subcommittee shall be conducted under the control of The Committee.


The Committee shall diligently administer any finances on behalf of The Association and shall be required to submit to the annual general meeting financial statements in respect of the preceding year.

The levy amount to be paid to SAMHA is to be determined at the AGM.

All persons attending the tournament need to pay the levy. ie: Managers, coaches, umpires and spectators attending the functions.

Levies should be paid to SAMHA within three months after the tournament.

A penalty will be levied against any teams withdrawing within 2 (two) months of the annual tournament date, by still having to pay the tournament levy amount to the hosting province with a policy of “No pay – No play”.


This constitution may only be altered by resolution passed by not less than 2 (two) thirds majority at The Association’s Annual General Meeting, by due notice having been given within 21 (twenty-one) days.


The Committee shall have the power to suspend any member whose conduct is in terms of The Committee’s opinion not in the interest of The Association.


The Association shall not be liable for any costs or damages which may arise as a result of any injuries to players or officials sustained by participating in or as a result directly, or indirectly of any matches played under the auspices (including but not limited to, matches played at the Tournament) of The Association or sustained while representing directly or indirectly The Association in matches or in any manner whatsoever. For further clarity refer to the official Tournament Rules and regulations document.


Teams shall be selected to represent The Association as and when required and such matches as may be determined by The Committee from time to time.  The selection of such teams shall be made by a person or persons appointed by The Committee.  Any teams so selected shall be submitted to The Committee for ratification and The Committee shall have the power to reject any or all of the persons selected.

  1. Liaison with the International Hockey Association on all matters of mutual interest.
  2. The process of selecting teams, including players and officials to represent South Africa in all Tournaments organized under the auspices of the IMHA and sanctioned by the FIH in accordance with their established protocols.
  3. Ensuring that all players are selected, as far as possible, on merit in accordance with the stipulated age groups and that these players are registered with the South African Hockey Association.
  4. Approval of the kit to be worn by South African teams and assistance with sponsorship to these teams if possible.

A tournament shall be held annually or as often as The Committee determines.  The Tournament shall be run under the rules and regulations [***] set down by The Association.  The Association shall allocate the tournament to a specific Province which Province shall in turn appoint their responsible official for the due running and organization of the tournament.  The Committee and The Association shall not be responsible for the annual running of the tournament.

***  Rules and regulations document is available under Tournaments on the official website. []


The emblem of The Association shall be as indicated on the attached annexure.   Any changes thereto will require a two-thirds majority vote, in favour of such change, passed at The Association Annual General Meeting.


Each province shall be entitled to one vote per team participating in The Tournament at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.


Provinces shall be represented by The Chairperson or duly elected proxy.